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Steps to Take if Toxins are Detected in Your Home

Hundreds of toxic chemicals fill the average household. Many toxins float freely in the air, get trapped inside insulated walls, form layers on top of furniture and other places. Indoor air is two to three times more polluted than the air outdoors. A toxic home increases the risk that you or another occupant will fall ill.

Use Natural Cleaning Products

Whenever you clean the house, choose all-natural cleaning products that leave no toxic residue. A collection of artificial household cleaning products contain hundreds of toxins, such as phthalates, ammonia, and chlorine.

Dust and Vacuum Regularly

Dust on the furniture and dirt on the floor contain layers of bacteria and toxins that are brought in from underneath shoes. The floor is the most unclean part of the room that must be vacuumed and mopped regularly. Bring in a carpet cleaning service at least once a year to be sure that carpets get a deep clean. 

Open the Windows

Clear the toxic air by opening the windows whenever you can. Compared to an indoor air purifier, an open window is 10 times more effective at removing toxins and circulating fresh air back into the home.

Remove Artificial Scents

Artificial air fresheners contain toxins like phthalates, which are industrial chemicals used to make plastics. This chemical is linked to a variety of health problems and causes damage to certain organs from the liver to the lungs. A safer alternative is to diffuse scents from natural essential oils.

Use Water Filters

Install a filtration system to every source of water in the house. You need a filter to remove toxins from your drinking water. Next is to install a shower head filter to remove poisonous gases like chlorine.

Change Air Filters Frequently

Change the air filters around your home from the air conditioner to the furnace. If you don’t, excessive dirt and debris will accumulate in layers and prevent the filtration of toxins from the air.

Use Natural Cleaning Products

Treat your clothing with natural laundry detergents and ingredients. There are numerous products in stores that contain natural ingredients and are made in factories using environmentally-friendly practices.

Toxic laundry detergents leave harmful residue on your clothes. Synthetic scents, in particular, are harmful to your health. Some fragrant chemicals contain phthalates or carcinogens and may cause allergic reactions.

Staying in your own home and breathing in the air is often more dangerous to your health than going outside. Many household and personal hygiene products you use every day are adding to the toxins in your body and home. After your home is tested thoroughly, you may discover the presence of toxins. Know how bad these chemicals are to your health and what you can do next.