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Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal By Washing It!

Most homeowners engage in various activities designed to improve their home’s visual curb appeal. One such endeavor is washing said residence’s exterior.

man on a ladder washing a house

Curb Appeal Overview

Curb appeal is a real estate principle defined as the way individuals view a home’s visual allure from afar.

Benefits Of Favorable Curb Appeal

Favorable curb appeal can significantly increase a property’s value. This often proves agreeable when the homeowner decides to sell. Such properties are typically purchased for considerably more money and remain on the open market for far less time than structures possessing diminished visual value.

How Does Exterior Washing Enhance Curb Appeal?

There are numerous actions property owners can take to increase their home’s curb appeal. One direct but occasionally overlooked effort in house washing. Ensuring a home’s external components receive an intense and thorough cleansing can improve the residence’s curb appeal in the following ways:

Piquing Outside Interest

A clean home offers a pleasing appearance. To an outsider, the bright shine a clean exterior provides gives the structure a new and inviting look. Dirty constructions often suggest that the home is aged, dated, and has been neglected by owners.

Extending The Life Of Exterior Coverings

Failing to eradicate the dirt, dust, and various other particles collecting on exterior facades like siding could ultimately result in damage to such constructions. Deteriorated siding materials often develop cracks, warp, buckle, and even fall off the home. These events make a home appear poorly maintained and unsightly.

Diminished Chance Of Potentially Hazardous Growths

The damage caused by dirty facades can precipitate the onset of leaks, which can foster the growth of potentially hazardous substances such as mildew and mold. These materials are not only eyesores but could pose significant health risks to those exposed.

Areas That Should Be Cleaned

In essence, all of the residential construction’s exterior should be cleaned. This includes external features, like siding, windows, entrances, such as the garage door, front door, screen doors, and any side partitions, the driveway, pathways, patios, decks, and roofing.

Who Should Perform The Task?

Duties like ground-level window washing, pathway, driveway, and partition remediation could be performed by the homeowner. That said, is recommended that the cleaning of upper floor windows, exterior siding, and roofing be undertaken by a professional house washing service.

Obtaining a thorough cleansing of the aforementioned exterior components often necessitates the use of heavy equipment that is best operated by individuals with extensive experience employing said items.